"Grainne Uaile Poster", from "Grainne Uaile The Movie",
"Grainne Uaile", "Grace O'Malley", "Irish Pirate Queen", "Irish Independent film",

"Grainne Uaile The Movie", "Grainne Uaile", "Pirates", "irish actress", "irish actresses", "Irish actor", "Irish actors", "fionnuala Collins", "Collins actresses",

 The images below and above are from the "Irish Pirate Film", "Irish Feature Film", "Grainne Uaile the Movie",about the "Irish Pirate Queen", "Grainne Uaile", or "Grace O'Malley", "Granuaile","Pirate Queen of Connacht", "Pirate Queen", "Pirates", "The Feature Film", "Grainne Uaile", "The Irish Independent film", was shot in locations all over "Ireland", It was produced by "Loose Gripp Films", http://www.loosegrippfilms.com/ and the casting was by "Irish Showreels", http://www.irishshowreels.com/ , It was written and directed and edited by "Ciaron Davies", 



"Grainne Uaile The Movie",

"Fionnuala Collins", "Fin Collins", "Irish Film Actress", "Irish actress", "actress","actresses", "actors", "actor", "Irish actress", "irish actresses", "irish actors", "Irish actor",

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 Hi, Thanks for visiting the website. There are lots of stills, and video clips from previous productions. Contact me whenever you want through email fionnualacollins@gmail.com , other ways to contact me are Linkedin, under Fionnuala Collins or Fin Collins, also Stage 32 under Fionnuala Collins, Facebook under Fionnuala Collins or Fin Collins and casting Call Pro under Fionnuala Collins ,@fincollins on twitter or just message me here on the contact section,


"Fionnuala Collins",  "Irish Film Actress", "Irish actress", "actress", "actresses", "actors", "actor", "irish actresses", "Irish actors", "irish actor",

Fionnuala Collins Showreel 2015



"The Smoker And The Dame Who Wore Red Shoes","Irish actress", "actress","actresses", "actor", "actors", "Irish actresses", "Irish actor", "Irish actors","Irish film actress", "Fionnuala Collins", "Fin Collins", "Irish film actresses", "Irish film actors", "Irish film actor", 











"Fionnuala Collins", "Fin Collins", "Irish Film Actress","Irish actress","Irish actresses", "Irish actor", "Irish actors", "actress","actresses", "actors", "actor", 


"Fionnuala Collins", "Fin Collins","Irish actress","irish actresses", "irish actor", "irish actors","Irish film actress", "actress", "actresses", "actor", "actors", "film",

"Fionnuala Collins", "Irish Actress", "irish film actress", "actress",

"Fionnuala Collins", "Irish  Actress", "irish film actress", "actress",

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